• Several aspects to pay attention to in metal laser cutting

    Several aspects to pay attention to in metal laser cutting

    Laser cutting is the use of high energy density laser beam cutting materials of a new processing technology, the laser produced in the high energy density laser through the refraction is focused into a small beam of light spot, irradiation on the material can instantly melt the material to form a...
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  • What are the possible problems caused by too fast laser cutting speed?

    In the manufacturing industry, laser cutting machines are widely used in the cutting and processing of various materials. Cutting speed is an important parameter of laser cutting machine, which affects the processing efficiency. However, when the cutting speed is too fast, there may be a series o...
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  • How much power does 20000 W laser cutting machine consume?

    Fast speed, high precision, less waste, eliminating the secondary processing process, as a product of new era technology, laser cutting machine in the metal processing industry is more and more widely used. There are so many advantages of equipment, customers in the actual use of course also have...
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  • Laser plate cutting machine price how much is a?

    Laser plate cutting machine price how much is a? In fact, when you ask this question, you have entered a misunderstanding of buying a laser plate cutting machine. Why do you say that? Because the price of the laser cutting machine is based on the thickness of your cutting plate to determine the p...
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  • High power laser cutting machine processing advantages

    High power laser cutting machine processing advantages

    In the field of sheet metal processing, fiber laser cutting machine is such a processing tool. Now high power fiber laser cutting machine has become an inevitable trend of market competition and user practice. In the few years after the advent of the fiber laser cutting machine, the power continu...
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  • Pengwo laser teach you how to choose a reasonable laser cutting machine?

    The rational application of fiber laser cutting machine is conducive to improving the production efficiency of enterprises, while saving a lot of resources and costs. Therefore, the correct choice of fiber laser cutting machine is a key point, then we usually need to understand and master what el...
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  • How to choose the right million watt laser cutting machine?

    The selection of products should be based on market application needs. For customers, according to the needs of specific application scenarios to choose cost-effective laser cutting machine is the king. Customers can comprehensively measure processing needs, cost needs and service needs. First o...
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  • What are the factors that affect the thickness of laser cutting machine?

    First, the equipment accessories of the fiber laser cutting machine have some bad businesses, have branded laser posing as imported laser, and even take 500W laser to replace 1000W laser, these will cause the fiber laser cutting machine in the later use process of cutting thickness can not reach ...
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  • Subversion has arrived, laser cutting pipe for metal furniture industry cost reduction and efficiency under the acceleration

    A laser pipe cutting machine can put the metal furniture traditional sawing, punching, drilling and other procedures one-stop centralized completion. This highly automated, intelligent processing method brings higher production efficiency, flexible control of processing precision and higher quali...
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  • 3C industry is stepping into a new era of the Internet of everything. How strong is laser + intelligent manufacturing?

    What is the tuyere of 3C industry? Laser processing how to grasp tuyere, realize the break? Looking back at the technological changes in 3C industry, we are shifting from mobile Internet to the Internet of everything. 5G provides an information “highway” characterized by low-delay and...
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  • The product advantage of open laser cutting machine

    1. Numerical control system: direct recognition of CAD drawings, graphics processing, parameter setting 2. Processing after stress removal by heat treatment 3. Anti-collision structure: work error will not damage the 3D laser cutting head 4. The fifth generation extruded aviation aluminum beam:B...
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  • laser cutting machine

    Laser is a type of light that, like its electroluminescence in nature, is produced by atomic (molecular or ionic) transitions and is caused by spontaneous radiation. Although the laser is light, but it is obviously different from ordinary light is that the laser only relies on spontaneous radiati...
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