Agent franchise

Investment purpose: good faith cooperation, good faith management, mutual benefit and win-win, healthy development

Investment process

Investment process: a preliminary communication - communication - customer determine signed an agreement -- - the company supply - professional support - win-win cooperation

Cooperation process

1. If you are interested, please contact customer service staff directly, or make phone calls and send personal information to email
2, the headquarters to review the strength of the applicant, qualified will have investment personnel further communication
3. Negotiate the details of becoming the agent and sign the cooperation agreement
4. The national marketing center issues the brand authorization letter
5. Agents recruit and train marketing personnel

Investment (join) policy

In order to protect the interests of exclusive agents, the company adopts strict regional market protection policies, which are as follows: 1. According to different sales modes or channels, the company provides corresponding matching marketing programs. Meanwhile, each product uses a unique number, closely monitors the product flow, and ensures the norms of the sales market by means of double insurance
2, the national unified price system, to provide tight market area protection policies, to ensure the exclusivity of dealers
3. All other channels in each agency region shall be developed by the general agent, and the company will not negotiate directly
4. All end consumers in the agent region are supplied by agents. The company never sells products directly

Preferential policy

1, complete the task, the year-end rebate
2. Commission will be given for each order
3, the implementation of regional exclusive agency, to ensure the delivery of the author