What are the factors that affect the thickness of laser cutting machine?

First, the equipment accessories of the fiber laser cutting machine have some bad businesses, have branded laser posing as imported laser, and even take 500W laser to replace 1000W laser, these will cause the fiber laser cutting machine in the later use process of cutting thickness can not reach the theoretical thickness.

Second, the maintenance frequency and methods of fiber laser cutting machine equipment Fiber laser cutting machine equipment work for a period of time is needed to rest. Reasonable maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine equipment can ensure the service life and cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine equipment. Then how to adjust the cutting precision of fiber laser cutting machine?

Due to the characteristics of mechanical equipment working for a long time will appear error, so how to adjust the fiber laser cutting machine to reduce the error?

Fiber laser cutting machine in use for a period of time after the cutting accuracy will be reduced. This error is generally caused by a change in focal length. The first step is to adjust the laser cutting machine spot to the minimum, through the experimental cutting way to test the initial effect.

The second step is to prepare a piece of paper or discarded workpiece, put down the lower part of the laser head, and determine the best focusing position and distance of the laser by moving the position of the laser head up and down. Compared with the traditional processing mode, the use of laser cutting machine improves the processing efficiency, saves manpower and material resources, so as to bring higher profits for enterprises, more in line with the increasingly fierce competition in the consumer market.

Post time: Aug-02-2023