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  • Laser plate cutting machine price how much is a?

    Laser plate cutting machine price how much is a? In fact, when you ask this question, you have entered a misunderstanding of buying a laser plate cutting machine. Why do you say that? Because the price of the laser cutting machine is based on the thickness of your cutting plate to determine the p...
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  • What are the factors that affect the thickness of laser cutting machine?

    First, the equipment accessories of the fiber laser cutting machine have some bad businesses, have branded laser posing as imported laser, and even take 500W laser to replace 1000W laser, these will cause the fiber laser cutting machine in the later use process of cutting thickness can not reach ...
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  • Subversion has arrived, laser cutting pipe for metal furniture industry cost reduction and efficiency under the acceleration

    A laser pipe cutting machine can put the metal furniture traditional sawing, punching, drilling and other procedures one-stop centralized completion. This highly automated, intelligent processing method brings higher production efficiency, flexible control of processing precision and higher quali...
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  • The product advantage of open laser cutting machine

    1. Numerical control system: direct recognition of CAD drawings, graphics processing, parameter setting 2. Processing after stress removal by heat treatment 3. Anti-collision structure: work error will not damage the 3D laser cutting head 4. The fifth generation extruded aviation aluminum beam:B...
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  • laser cutting machine

    Laser is a type of light that, like its electroluminescence in nature, is produced by atomic (molecular or ionic) transitions and is caused by spontaneous radiation. Although the laser is light, but it is obviously different from ordinary light is that the laser only relies on spontaneous radiati...
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  • Laser cutting machine safety operating regulations

    safe operation rules 1. Comply with general cutting machine safety operating procedures. Start the laser in strict accordance with the laser start-up procedure. 2. The operator must be trained, familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and master the knowledge of the operating...
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  • Laser chiller high temperature alarm how to solve?

    In the use of laser chiller, high temperature alarm is often encountered, especially in high temperature summer, the frequency of high temperature alarm of this chiller will be higher. So how to solve this situation? Generally speaking, the high temperature alarm of laser water chiller has the f...
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  • Laser cutting long time not boot precautions

    Laser cutting long time not boot precautions

    After fiber laser cutting is shut down for a long time, in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment, extend the service time, and avoid unnecessary trouble caused by irregular startup for future use, the following steps should be followed before startup: 1. Start the main ...
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  • What are the factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting machine

    What are the factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting machine

    Laser cutting is a technique that uses lasers to cut materials, often used in industrial manufacturing applications. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high power laser, usually through an optical system. It is very important to choose the right cutting speed when using the laser c...
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  • How long does the laser cutter pay for itself

    How long does the laser cutter pay for itself

    In fact, we do any investment will first take into account the input and output ratio, when we are ready to buy a laser cutting machine, we will think “laser cutting machine how long can recover the cost”, this is also the core issue of buying laser cutting machine, laser cutting mach...
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  • How to avoid laser welding machine “false low price” pit?

    How to avoid laser welding machine “false low price” pit?

    With the rapid development of laser industry, the laser welding machine products on the market brand diversification, quality is uneven, consumers in the purchase of laser welding machine, often do not know how to start, can only be who is cheap to buy who! Today, pengwo laser Xiaobian together t...
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  • How to install pressure regulating valve of laser cutting machine

    Laser cutting machine is used more and more widely in different industries, which makes the processing requirements of laser cutting machine more and more high. We need to maintain every link and every part well, so that the laser cutting machine can give full play to its advantages, in order to ...
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