1540 closed switched fiber laser cutting machine

Short Description:

● Interactive workbench greatly improves the loading and unloading efficiency

● The main machine cutting speed, stable performance, comprehensive cost-effective

● Large encircling protection, area dust removal, safe and beautiful

Product Detail

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High-end intelligent bus cutting system

Stable and reliable, Easy to deploy, easy to debug, rich functions, computing power, algorithm, process flow, air travel control overall optimization
Perfect system function, greatly improve cutting efficiency and stability, improve the core competitiveness of equipment


High-end intelligent bus cutting system

Fine adjustment, High flexibility, well sealed、High stability, good cutting quality, speed perforation, complete the plate cutting of different thickness and material; Collimating and focusing using composite lenses, Optimal optical quality and cutting effect.


Heavy duty welding bed

Welded heavy steel plates, The prevailing bed structure, high stability, Using stress - relieving annealing technology, high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, not easy deformation

The inner reinforcing bars of the tube are strengthened, four supports are added, and the high-speed operation is not shaken

Double combination smoke exhaust comprehensive purification of soot

◎Piecewise exhaust + sleeve flow fan negative pressure scanning

◎ Piecewise bed automatically induction laser cutting position, open accurate smoke exhaust

◎Axial flow fan enclosed downward blowing smoke, 360° strong long adsorption

◎ to create a hidden cavity open fully enclosed smoke control net smoke





Closed laser cutting can not cut through.
Laser power decline or tube aging, laser cutting speed is too fast, focusing mirror or mirror pollution, focusing mirror cracking, focusing effect is poor, focal length adjustment is inappropriate, laser optical path is incorrect voltage instability, laser current is small
The reflective rate of the cut material is very high, the light outlet of the nozzle is blocked, the auxiliary gas pressure is too small, and the cooling effect of the cooling system is poor.

The starting point and the focus of the cut closed line do not coincide
There is loosening between the gear and shaft in the working table, the X axis and Y axis guide rail is not vertical, the transmission belt of X and Y axis is loose L, the gap between the slider and guide rail is too large L, the ruler belt is too loose, and the reverse gap is generated

The closed laser head produces no light source
The laser power decreases or the lamp is aged, the laser output energy is too low, and the optical path is deflected due to loose screws in the laser cutting head
There is more dust in the laser cavity, which pollutes the diaphragm frame, and the cooling system is opened for a long time without opening the laser power supply, resulting in ice and no light

The table jumps in the closed cutting process
The transmission belt is permanently deformed, the transmission gear groove has dirt, the tooth is not correct, the small gear groove of the size reduction gear has dirt

The cut size is too large
The pulse number is not set correctly, the radius compensation is not set, and the factory parameters of the bed are not set correctly

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