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The company independently designed gantry type CNC machine tool system, using high strength overall welding body, after high temperature annealing large CNC gantry milling machine precision machining;

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The company independently designed gantry type CNC machine tool system, using high strength overall welding body, after high temperature annealing large CNC gantry milling machine precision machining; With good rigidity stability, precision ball screw, linear guide drive, high precision and fast speed is mainly aimed at the fast precision cutting of 4MM metal sheet, fiber laser has high beam quality, high brightness, high conversion rate, maintenance free, stable and reliable operation cost and small volume and a series of advantages Machine tool gantry type double drive structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, can withstand high speed and acceleration of the machine adopts imported AC servo system drive and imported transmission system, machine tool motion mechanism adopts imported gear drive, linear guide guide, to ensure high speed, high accuracy and high reliability of the equipment Rack and guide rail adopts fully sealed protective device to prevent oil-free friction movement and dust pollution, improve the service life of transmission parts to ensure the precision of machine tool movement automatic exchange table Settings, shorten standby time, effectively improve work efficiency more than 30% fully enclosed protective cover, safe use Professional laser cutting machine CNC control system, computer operation, can ensure the cutting quality, so that the cutting work is more convenient, the operation is more simple, stable and reliable, beautiful appearance high-grade


 1.all-round 360 production line cutting group stop workflow, enabling automatic tube feeding, automatic feed, automatic cutting, automatic transmission operation.

2.Using KASRY Nesting programming system as a major programming tool, the software programming platform AUTOCAD basic, simple, graphical and intuitive, feature-rich, it can greatly improve operational efficiency.



3.High-end three-dimensional flexible robotic cutting applications, to achieve bevel cutting function, the pipe and the torch using the servo positioning function .



Can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other pipes and profiles, such as: the tube, pipe, oval pipe, rectangular pipe, H-beam, I-beam, angle, channel, etc. The device is widely used in various kind of pipes profile processing field, shipbuilding industry, network structure, steel, marine engineering, oil pipelines and other industries.





Closed laser cutting can not cut through.
Laser power decline or tube aging, laser cutting speed is too fast, focusing mirror or mirror pollution, focusing mirror cracking, focusing effect is poor, focal length adjustment is inappropriate, laser optical path is incorrect voltage instability, laser current is small
The reflective rate of the cut material is very high, the light outlet of the nozzle is blocked, the auxiliary gas pressure is too small, and the cooling effect of the cooling system is poor.

The starting point and the focus of the cut closed line do not coincide
There is loosening between the gear and shaft in the working table, the X axis and Y axis guide rail is not vertical, the transmission belt of X and Y axis is loose L, the gap between the slider and guide rail is too large L, the ruler belt is too loose, and the reverse gap is generated

The closed laser head produces no light source
The laser power decreases or the lamp is aged, the laser output energy is too low, and the optical path is deflected due to loose screws in the laser cutting head
There is more dust in the laser cavity, which pollutes the diaphragm frame, and the cooling system is opened for a long time without opening the laser power supply, resulting in ice and no light

The table jumps in the closed cutting process
The transmission belt is permanently deformed, the transmission gear groove has dirt, the tooth is not correct, the small gear groove of the size reduction gear has dirt

The cut size is too large
The pulse number is not set correctly, the radius compensation is not set, and the factory parameters of the bed are not set correctly

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