Small one-piece code machine metal stainless steel nameplate engraving machine, portable fiber laser marking machine

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The working principle of the laser coding machine is to gather the laser at a very high energy density on the surface of the object to be engraved. By burning and etching, the material on the surface is vaporized, and the effective displacement of the laser beam is controlled.

According to the different marking forms, laser marking equipment can be divided into two types: marking type and dot matrix type. At present, most laser coding equipment in the market is marked, but Markon’s laser coding equipment is using a new lattice technology – lattice resident technology. Marking laser machine is mainly to mark the character of the track completely scratched out, and dot-matrix laser machine is to mark the character of some important track points scratched out. Thus, with the same energy, the new dot-matrix laser printer prints faster.


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Sheet metal processing, advertising sign word production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchenware, automobile, mechanical processing, saw blade, electronic parts, glasses industry, spring sheet, circuit board, electric kettle, medical electronics, hardware tools and other industries.


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2021年6月19-20 (2)

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