Mastering the operation skills of laser cutting machine can improve the production efficiency

In the modern processing and manufacturing industry, laser cutting machine has a pivotal position, many enterprises in the use of laser cutting machine have given a high evaluation, laser cutting machine not only to reduce the production cost of enterprises, but also improve the work efficiency. In fact, this is closely related to the correct operation essentials of laser cutting machine. If you master the operation essentials of the laser cutting machine, you can easily cut out the workpiece effect you want and extend the life of the laser cutting equipment.

First, for the laser cutting machine, the important part is the laser cutting head. Laser cutting head laser cutting machine is very fragile, easy to damage, we need to carefully care, if long-term use but not to maintain, it may lead to cutting head stop working. So an important point of operation is to master the maintenance of laser cutting head. In addition, it is necessary to check the straightness of the cutting machine track and the flatness of the machine tool, and it is necessary to adjust in time when it is not normal. Otherwise, it will increase the workpiece cutting error value, seriously affect the cutting quality, reduce the cutting speed.

Two, the working environment of the laser cutting machine should be often clean, which is also the operation essentials need to pay attention to. Laser cutting machine in processing the workpiece, will produce a lot of processing waste dust, if not often clean will lead to dust accumulation, resulting in laser cutting machine cutting precision is not accurate, and rack card dead phenomenon, so the harm caused by laser cutting machine is very great, so it is necessary to keep the surrounding environment clean.

Three, finally, often to each gear parts of the laser cutting machine daub some lubricating oil, reduce mechanical wear, keep the machine can operate normally.

It is very important for each enterprise to master the above operation essentials of laser cutting machine. It can not only guarantee production to a large extent but also extend the service life of the machine.

Post time: Mar-15-2023