How does laser cutting machine reduce cost and increase efficiency?

Laser cutting is a very important application in laser processing technology, with the laser cost down, laser cutting technology mature, laser cutting machine has been widely popular in the metal processing industry, has become an important tool to reduce cost and increase efficiency of enterprises! That you know, laser cutting machine to reduce cost and increase efficiency of what are the methods?

The traditional laser cutting technology is expensive, requires the use of molds, and the cutting speed is slow, so it will be slowly eliminated. With the improvement of the utilization rate of metal materials, the use of laser cutting machine is also more and more extensive, now can be used in sheet metal processing, aviation, craft gifts and kitchenware and other industries, and each industry has its own laser cutting machine.

Now the processing industry in the rapid development, whether it is stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet, iron and other metal materials, can achieve rapid, accurate and efficient cutting. Qingyuan laser reminds the majority of friends in the metal processing industry, laser cutting for a long time is a loss, how to maintain correctly, improve the service life and work efficiency of the equipment, only in line with the vital interests of our metal processing industry.

First of all, the cooling system of the laser cutting machine should be grounded, and the water tank and waterway should be cleaned regularly, which can ensure the service life of the laser cutting machine, and will not lead to its failure to work,

Secondly, the laser tube should have a reasonable installation fulcrum, and the fulcrum should be installed in a reasonable position.

Third, laser cutting machine should be regularly checked and cleaned, short method is not able to solve the urgent problem. At the same time, we should also check and clean the air suction device, and the fan duct must be cleaned up, otherwise there will be a lot of smoke and dust can not be discharged.

Fourth, we must pay attention to check the focusing mirror and reflector, and regularly check the quality of the optical path system of the lens.

Post time: Feb-28-2023